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"creazione #1"

anno di realizzazione 2016-2017

Guitar Dream Projects

It is the first project launched and presented to the public, born from the artistic combination of music and graphics. This project has

as the idea behind the creation of the ideal instrument for aesthetic taste and effective musical performance.

Guitar dream is in fact designed thinking about the concrete purpose of satisfying the eye, touch and hearing of the buyer.

From a customization on your abandoned instrument to a unique and unrepeatable work of art. This project is

destined more than to a complete artistic expression of mine to a meeting between my style and the need of the customer.

Interaction is therefore the basis of the work and its creation. The use of different techniques and materials, the

collaboration with musicians, luthiers and industry professionals allow a multitude of possibilities for as

concerns works on commission.

Open project for works on commission

2017-2019 "Guitar dream"



The heart of the project was definitely 2018/2019, the dream became real and the first collaborations were born.

The connection with the musicians and the active participation in the musical world has always been necessary and certainly a source of inspiration.

The project remains open for works on commission. 

Esposizioni del progetto :

20 Maggio 2018 Guitar Show-Padova (IT) || 24 Giugno 2018 Custom shop-BASE Milano (IT) || 15 Settembre 2018 Onde Urbane con "Fondazione teatro Coccia"- Novara (IT) ||10 Marzo 2019 Guitar Show-Padova (IT)

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