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2021 _ Progetto ICONA

OKokOK !


But it’s 2022 ! Where are the new POP icons ?!?!


Icons of contemporary pop art.


The project starts in 2021 and wants to enclose some of the new Pop icons: Capitalists, children of television, of the video games, is our moment, we are the greatest experts of Pop culture. 

I’m not sure this is a boast !

But I’m also contemporary !


Funko pop

_Toasted monkey Nazgul_

Funko pop

_The Billion Roses_

" Project ICON " is a project started in 2021 

it wants to represent new pop icons, the idea is to have a product or an advertising representation of it.

In some cases it can become personal interpretation of the icon.

Certainly in my generation this link with television and digital was facilitated by the pandemic.

Playstation street view_