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Angry Candies

2019 - "Angry Candies"

A.C. Born from an icon that represents the bipolarity and the dual essence, the famous "other side of the coin".


The focal point of this collection are unpublished Installations.

The first part of the collection resapubblica is the section "Merch" and graphic content.

Angry Candies is a project based on an icon that symbolizes the dual essence, a constant in my opinion in this society.

This angry muffin was born from my stream of consciousness like many of my guitars and graphics.

A.C. is what I see, that I eat, that I listen and therefore in a sense also what I currently am.

A sort of state of contradiction.

A.C. represents a digital breakthrough with the NFT collection but also a great desire for the material series of paintings. 

A field of experimentation that does not find filter or censorship, spontaneous and introspective.

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angry candies logo.jpg

A.C. - A.C. - A.C. - A.C. - A.C. - A.C. - A.C. - A.C.

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