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Birds UK-ortega-Art Series
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"Gasloli_artworks is the result of a strong desire to create, to put my art and creativity at your service."


 In this section of the site you will find some of my personal projects, photos and links to shops and distributors ! Gasloli_artworks is the most ambitious component of my project, creating what I like and seeing it appreciated by a customer is definitely the biggest emotion I can get.

I love fairs and contact with the public, I find it is a very important component of my work, talking to people, understanding how they are and how they feel, sometimes I feel like a trend hunter

Art Series - Ortega Guitars 

Designed by Guglielmo Gasloli.

"A leap in the world of mandalas, different ways and colors to draw a map of your soul."


Keiki line - Ortega Guitars

Designed by Guglielmo Gasloli


Keiki line is the "entry level" line for those who want to enter the ukulele world with a nice dose of color ! 

Ideal starter pack .

Keiki line - Ortega Guitars 

In the accessories section of "KEIKI line" you can find straps, picks and bags.


KEIKI straps
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KEIKI designer piks
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KEIKI straps
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MOUSEUM - Aid Fitters and Friends

MOUSEUM - Video mapping project.


London (UK) 2018 OMINDE.


Drawing on the walls is cool, make them live even more! : ) 

SPHERE - sss

Showing&Share Skills.

A subject, many ways of presenting, interpreting, representing it . 

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